The keyword is “OMOTENASHI FOR YOU!”
OMOTENASHI - The philosophy of Japanese hospitality.

In 2018, the number of foreign visitors to Japan exceeded 30 million. The demand for international events has been increasing as well.

In the future, many international events are scheduled in metropolitan cities in Japan - such as Tokyo, Osaka, etc.

There is concern about the shortage of qualified workers who are familiar with the Japanese language and culture and OMOTENASHI-hospitality.

The “Tokyo Bijin Project” was launched to welcome customers from all over the world and provide them with an engaging experience.


Recruitment of "SPECIALISTS" !!

We are looking for female members of staff who are specialized in hosting events and experienced in international customer service, communication with the media, or working as MCs at government events, in the embassies, and companies around the world.

For those who will pass the online entry-interview, we will organize some specialized trainings, for example, language classes, Japanese culture seminars, business events management classes, etc.

Eventually, we will offer a job according to each applicant's skills.
We are looking forward to your application.
Let's spread the image of a new Japanese woman to the world!

  • 1.ENTRY

    Please apply via the online signup page!
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    An interview will be conducted after the online signup process.
    Please feel free to express yourself as you like.


    After passing the interview, you will take some free trainings like Japanese culture seminars, business events management classes, etc.


    We will offer jobs according to each applicant's divisional characteristics.

  • * We will frequently update the details.


Take the first step into the world of hospitality.

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