• Does it cost anything to participate in an audition?

    There is no audition fee.
    However, transportation to the venue of the audition has to be organized and paid for by yourself.

  • Does it cost money to become a Tokyo Beauty member?

    There are no costs related to an affiliation (including profile creation fee, registration fee, lesson fee, etc.).

  • Please tell me more about the process.

    First, enter our website! Send us a simple profile.
    After the initial selection, a screening meeting will be held at GLOBAL PRODUCE OFFICE.
    Those who passed the screening will be active as members of the Tokyo Beauty Project after participating in the training.

  • What points are important during the selection process?

    An important point is that you can work based on the contractual agreement made.
    OMOTENASHI-hospitality heart and mannerisms, knowledge and behavior in the training must be learned. We want participants who want to shine more as a person or who want to make other people shine as well.

  • Is there any age restriction?

    You can apply if you are over 18 years old.

  • Are there any height requirements?

    158cm or more is preferable, but it is not a definite requirement.

  • Can I enter even if I have other jobs?

    Basically, you can participate in our program even if you have other jobs.
    Since the activities are subject to a salary, please apply after confirming with your company what their rules are for side jobs.

  • Can I enter even if I am being signed to another agency?

    You can participate.
    Before you apply - please make sure that there are no contractual disputes.

  • Do I get paid?

    We will pay on a daily basis. The amount of the salary depends on the job description.

  • Is a transportation fee paid?

    We will pay for your transportation. The amount to be covered is limited according to the location of work and the transportation system to be used.

  • Can I use my photos that were taken by a smartphone when applying?

    You can use photos that were taken by your smartphone.
    However, please be aware that photos with an extremely low resolution or image quality will not be judged.

  • If I don't have any talents, is it hard to enter or disadvantageous?

    It is not essential.
    But, if you have special skills and hobbies related to Japanese culture, there are occasions where you can make use of them.
    Ex) Japanese culture test, taiko drums, tea ceremony, dance, ikebana.

  • How do we actually work?

    When an overseas company holds an event in Japan, or at an official event such as a company-wide general meeting of a Japanese company or a kick-off MTG, you will work as an attendant and interpreter.
    Example: attendant at temples, various photo shoots, company presentations, regional activities, etc.

  • How good should my English level be?

    It is desirable to be able to communicate in a business environment without constantly searching for words.

  • How many days should I be available for the project?

    During the training stage, you will participate in 8 types of training once a week.
    Activities after the training vary depending on whether or not there is an event.
    This project is a project that accelerates for the future.
    Anyone who actively gives ideas about their activities or wants to grow their projects together is welcome.

  • Can I participate even if I live in Kansai?

    The selection can be done by anyone living in any area, but most of the activities after selection are in Tokyo and Kanagawa, so please apply after you consider adapting your lifestyle.