• 光畑真樹


    01.PRESENTATIONPresentation class

    "Presentations are presents" - It is one of the key values of GLOBAL PRODUCE hosting the Tokyo Bijin Project.

    There are a lot of opportunities for presentations in our life.

    (It's not only about new product launches or competitions)

    The most important thing is "to step into their shoes" and present yourself in the best possible way - regardless of the situation.

    02.EVENT MANAGEMENTEvent management class

    “KNOW-HOW” is the whole event that has a significant meaning in the hospitality and MC of the event site.

    All the members of the Tokyo Bijin Project understand very well how to entertain the participants and make the event more engaging.

    ● Learn about different types of events (B2C / B2B Administrative Events / Corporate Events)
    ● Learn about the production system (organizer / production company / performers / technical companies / staff)
    ● Learn to read professional event plans (3 types)

    Let's improve your skills! I'm a bit demanding, but it will surely be fun!


    ・CEO of GLOBAL PRODUCE Co., Ltd.

    ・Event Producer

    ・Tokyo Bijin Project Producer


    Event production at JTB Group.

    Founded GLOBALPRODUCE Co., Ltd. in 2012.

    Bringing together professionals from the whole industry, planning and producing more than 100 events annually in Japan and overseas.

    Generated 1.5 billion yen revenue for the production group in five years.


    “Daily Beauty Body Habit”



    03.WALKINGWalking class

    Generally, people believe that “Japanese have a poor posture” compared to other countries...

    If you see people with beautiful posture in the city, you would be impressed, wouldn’t you?

    When you adjust your posture and walking style, the beauty will be reflected in your heart, facial expression, behavior. And it will make you more confident.

    Besides, being able to show confidence when interacting with people leads to the best OMOTENASHI - hospitality.

    Let's release a positive aura from appearance as a Tokyo Bijin Project Member from your beauty!!

    By paying attention to your posture and how you walk, you take care of yourself, so you can take care of your customers.
    Let's go through posture training together, and deliver the best "OMOTENASHI- high hospitality" to foreign customers!
    They will surely be impressed with the beauty of Japan!


    Walking Stylist


    Color your life with a beautiful aura every day.

    The original walking method has been developed focusing on stretching, posture, walking, taking pictures, and beautiful behavior, using knowledge of anatomy and posing.

    The number of participants has so far exceeded 7000. The teacher has extended the range of activities to editing magazine-, newspaper-, and online articles. She also supervises beauty events collaborating with various companies.

    She has written books: “The habit of making beauty body” (repicbook) “You can be pretty as a model! Beauty Lesson for Fashionable Girls” (Natsume)



    04.TEA CEREMONYTea ceremony class

    Why would you learn about a tea ceremony...?

    First, I will teach you about the original meaning of the tea ceremony.

    It takes time to prepare and make a cup of tea.
    So you should put efforts into making the person in front of you happy during the whole process.

    OMOTENASHI-hospitality means thinking about your guests and creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for them.

    Be as modest as a Tokyo Bijin with a heart full of beauty!

    Generally, people;e think the tea ceremony is too formal, but I would like to tell you the meaning behind it.

    The most important thing in customer service is consideration for others.
    Let's learn Japanese hospitality through the tea ceremony!


    ・L-Amitie Co., Ltd. President

    ・Ash Bunny Co., Ltd. Representative Director

    ・Service manner instructor

    ・Professor of Omotesenke Fuhakuryu Shingetuann Akatuka Sousei


    Established MC and Event Companion Casting Company in 1997 (Started Video Production Creative Division in 2000).

    Boasts the industry's top MC / event companion registration, and casts more than 250 events per month.

    Started tea ceremony from high school.

    1997 Studied under the professor of Omotesenke, Soshi Hanano.

    2019 Introduced Omotesenke Fuhakuryu.

    In the spirit of “ICHIGO ICHIE - Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur ”, I am teaching a manner of service that touches the other party in good faith.



    05.MANNERBehavior class for attendants

    Have you ever heard about the “7-38-55 Rule”?

    According to this rule, introduced by Prof. Albert Mehrabian, on the first impression given by people, “how you say it is much more important than what you say”.

    Beautiful behavior brings peace of mind and connects people.

    We as the Tokyo Bijin Project value the connection with real people, and think that making an impression is the key.

    Let's acquire the feminine beauty that cannot be communicated on paper only.

    06.MANNERManner class

    Good manners are not about getting embarrassed when you make a mistake or being formal all the time, that is totally wrong images.

    The most important thing when it comes to manners is the feeling of caring about the other person.

    Manners express the feelings you want to convey to your opponent.

    If you show that you care about other people, the feelings are always transmitted.

    For that reason, as a Tokyo Bijin Project member, you will also learn basic rules, basic knowledge, and a few international community manners: “thoughtfulness to people”.

    Beautiful behavior and polite language will not only improve your appearance but also give people around you a sense of security and trust.
    I will help you to have a more fulfilling daily life, both private and professional.


    ・Manner teacher



    ・Piano teacher


    2008 Nihon University College of Art, Miss Campus

    Member of Campus Night Fuji

    Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Music, Piano Course.

    Nissan Miss Fairlady. - Experienced customer service and narration work at galleries and events, as well as coaching new employees in the field of narration and reception as chief.

    Currently an exhibition narrator, ceremony host, event MC, and manners lecturer.



    07.ENGLISHEnglish Class

    You may also work at international events.

    “Language” is an important communication tool.

    Of course, it is desirable to speak fluent English.

    But, even if you can't speak fluently, it would be nice if you try to talk in the mother language of guests.

    This course will not only “teach English” but also form a mind of speaking English.

    I will change you so that you can enter a conversation with many people with confidence and a positive attitude to enjoy yourself.


    ・Professor of Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin University

    ・United Nations Examination Advisor

    ・UN Eiken Special Class A interviewer

    ・English narrator


    Specializes in English education. Below is a wealth of teaching experience, from children to seniors.

    The “fun, easy-to-understand and useful” classes have a good reputation. Regular companies and educational institutions are constantly requesting his lectures.

    In addition to serving as a United Nations Eiken advisor and particular class A interviewer, he also works as an English narrator.

    His main books include over 70 books, including the best-selling “Manga Revue Junior High School English” (KADOKAWA, co-author) and “Beauty and the Beast to Enjoy in Movie Scenarios” (Gakken Plus, supervised by English commentary).