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      T170 / B86 / W63 / H88 / S23.5


    Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics decision report meeting
    Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics Torch Relay press conference
    The road to the future 1000km East Japan longitudinal relay
    LIVE JAPAN perfect guide TOKYO press presentation
    Agency for Cultural Affairs, East Asian Cultural City, Host city decision report meeting

    I love Tokyo. I go to various places domestically and abroad for work, but on the way home, when the plane touches down in Haneda, or when the Shinkansen arrives in Shinagawa Station, I am satisfied with the sense of feeling that I am back in Tokyo.
    Most of the things I want to do and people I want to meet are in Tokyo. What can I do to repay Tokyo, which always gives me a lot of things?
    I’m not good at languages, but I make up for it with my communication skills. I’m skillful in cleaning, hula hooping, and very familiar with cheeses. What I’m not good at is scary movies. My specialties in MC opportunities are creating an exciting environment, creating a pleasant atmosphere for children, acting on stage, and corporate ceremonies. My soft and hard voice supports a wide range of genres.
    Above all, I will put the mind of “OMOTENASHI-hospitality” at the center of the heart and continue to work with pride in this city of Tokyo.
    Thank you.