• SNS


    Japanese MC / Attendant


    • Hobby


    • Special skill

      Level 1 Kimono dressing instructor, Aikido, Art history

    • size

      T166 / B83 / W60 / H87 / S24


    TICAD7 7th African Development Conference Moderator of Music Exchange Event
    Pyeongchang Olympics Kimono attendant at JOC Japan House
    World Lake Conference award ceremony English attendant
    Sogetsu 90th Anniversary Ceremony Award English Attendant
    Ohi Hockey Stadium Completion Show Ceremony Attendant
    FIFA World Cup VIP Protocol
    Rugby World Cup VIP Protocol

    I like kimono, Japanese culture, and hospitality. Currently, I work as a Japanese Kimono model and attend domestic and international ceremonies.
    In fact, at the Pyeongchang Olympics in Korea, I worked as a kimono attendant of the “Japan House.” I offered Japanese-style hospitality while using English for VIPs and teams from various countries.
    I heard from guests that they enjoyed their stay while being exposed to Japanese culture, and I realized that I want to contribute to the international exchanges that would like to be more helpful to their guests. Which is how I know how crucial it is to acquire the proper knowledge as a specialist.
    As a member of the Tokyo Bijin Project, I would like to share the greatness of Japan with overseas guests, and hopefully, they will enjoy their visit to Japan. Also, I want to spread Japanese culture even further.