• SNS


    Japanese MC / English MC


    • Hobby


    • Special skill

      Classic ballet, English

    • size

      T157 / B83 / W57 / H83 / S22.5 ~ 23.0


    International Symposium sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Japan International Manga Award Commendation Ceremony organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    VP Navigator of Tokyo Tama Circulation Association
    Hitachi, Ltd. Showroom Introduction VP
    Interviewer of BVLGARI AVRORA AWARDS
    Rakuten Girls Award

    I started my MC career when I was in college, and at the beginning, I was a fashion show MC and a radio personality assistant. I currently work as an MC/narrator in a wide range of genres, such as press releases, events, parties, and videos.
    From the age of 5 to 18, I went to a ballet school and was a dancer. I still love to dance with music, and recently, I’m challenging myself to learn hula dancing.
    I am good at English because I was a homestay in various countries during my student days. Now I am studying to improve my level as an interpreter. I still go abroad often on business trips and privately, but it’s an enjoyable and excellent experience to have met the local people.
    Also, the recommended spots by them are always perfect places! I hope to play such a role in Japan.
    I would like to tell you about the world of Japanese OMOTENASHI-hospitality through this project.