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    Japanese MC / English MC / Attendant


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      English conversation

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      T161 / B80 / W58 / H80 / S23.5


    Tour guide of Tokyo 2020 competition facilities, etc..
    2020 Tokyo Olympic three-ball basketball official event decision press conference
    Rugby World Cup success gathering
    You Make Shibuya Countdown 2018-2019
    Tokyo Motor Show 2019 / KAWASAKI

    I think one of the important things as OMOTENASHI is “inside beauty.”
    So, I would like to deliver my warm-hearted “OMOTENASHI-hospitality” to everyone who is not only our guest, but also my colleagues.
    There is another important point that I want to mention. Through my experience studying abroad, I was able to learn not only English, but also the uniqueness of Japanese and Japanese women through the experience. There are a lot of beautiful things, such as caring and discipline.
    At the same time, I learned that, unfortunately, it might not be communicated correctly to foreigners. While showing politeness and kindness, I learned what words and behaviors should be used to describe things.
    I would like to add this international perspective so that OMOTENASHI-hospitality is not one-way, and reaches foreign guests as much as possible. I would also like to make use of my MC and language skills while applying my experience working as a consultant and secretary in my previous job. I would like to use all of my experiences and create a warm “OMOTENASHI-hospitality” experience with the members.